MK wearing coat by Dries Van Noten and bag by Prada

Ph. Harley Weir for Pop Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014

AnOther Magazine F/W 2014

CLASH Magazine
Photographer- Jan Lehner 
Styling- Harry Lambert 
Makeup  - Jenny Coombs at Streeters using MAC cosmetics  
Hair - Yumi Nakada Dingle using Aveda Men
Casting- Eddy Martin for File and Parade
Model - Kevin Carlbom @ Nisch Management

Véronique Leroy autumn—winter 1998—99.
Véronique Leroy, who works in Paris, won the Gouden Spoel (Golden Spindle) competition in 1989. She was the first and only non-graduate of the Antwerp Fashion Academy (she studied at Studio Berçot in Paris) to win this prestigious award. After her studies she worked for a while as an assistant to Azzedine Alaïa and Martine Sitbon. In 1991 she presented her first collection.
Véronique Leroy has developed her own signature, with seemingly relaxed radicalness and an aversion to trends and avant-garde. Her designs are just incredibly feminine and sexy. She stands for radical, ‘unguarded’ elegance, and she always went, already in times when fashion was still dictated by minimalism, for an uncompromising ‘sensuel de l’éclat’ (the sensuality of brilliancy). 
She converts anything which ‘better’ taste labels vulgar into ‘sublimely vulgar’. She replaces ‘noble’ materials with common ones, which she elevates in her creations by treating them just as respectfully. She uses materials like lurex, vinyl, polyester and fake fur, or synthetic leather-imitations, superimposing prints that feature from predators to marsupials. 
And goes on to add bright colours, such as pink, apple green and gold. The finish? As perfect as perfect can be. To quote the last paragraph of a poem that Stéphanie Cohen wrote about her: Her soul is not black, her skin not white./She is full of colours, way off trends/Her life is not clear, her fashion not a rose,/her tongue is rather clear, for the one that can hear.  dekonstruktivisme:

Bernhard Willhelm spring—summer 2001. 
Just a spoonful of sugarDon’t you love the sounds and smells in your kitchen? Melting butter, boiling water, the kettle that sings its own sweet song, the cake that rises beautifully in the oven and smells like heaven…The strongest women today are to be found in their kitchens and it’s no move backwards whatsoever. After all, where would we be without lovingly prepared food that nourishes body and soul? Did you ever plan a revolution on an empty stomach? You’ll not only find us in the kitchen at parties, but at any moment when the mood -or hunger pangs- strikes us. No more ready-made microwave meals for the modern girl! Just say no! Take your apron, sling it in, grab your pots, pans and kitchen utensils and get creative! To get you started on the good foot for, here’s a great recipe to start with your friends next time they pop around at your place keen on having a good time: Peanut butter salad sauce -2 spoons of peanut butter-3 spoons salad sauce or mayonnaise (the fatter the better)-1/2 spoon of sugar-1/4 spoon of saltStir the peanut butter with the back of a wooden spoon until creamy, then add the other ingredients and keep on stirring until smooth.Delicious served with salad, cucumber and tomatoes!Discoveries in the kitchen and when walking in nature, plus interaction with the rest of the family all play important roles in the spring/summer collection of Bernhard Willhelm.After all, you don’t have to climb Mount Everest to get to know yourself -the most important lessons you can learn you receive when going about so-called mundane activities.Hence the embroidered aprons, landscapes (Bavaria, Auvergne, Beach) either hand painted, stitched or embroidered on bourette silk or cotton silk and used for skirts, huge crocheted button knots and bows, smock and other naive details, like pumps covered in multicoloured crochets.For the darling housewife look you’ll find the perfect dress, either high necked, with a pretty bow and elasticised waist - a bi theme throughout the collection or a “uniform style” dress that your favourite cleaning lady would love to own. Décolleté, uneven skirt seams tied in knots and pockets big enough to stash your favourite recipe book in, makes it hard to choose the ideal outfit here.To go with the dress, why not opt for a comfy jacket, its colourful embroidered African beads circling the neck? Ideal for rushing to the supermarket in, to buy fresh ingredients for you next cook fest.

Marni S/S 13

Crista Cober photographed by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra for Vamp Magazine #2 F/W 2014